chocolate mocha cake

That cream should be fine. Made this cake for my husband and he ate it so fast I know he loved it. I see. I prefer to chill my cakes though and take them out 2-3 hours before serving. I just made a batch of the buttercream, and I must say it truly tastes amazing. stay safe ! I actually don’t think I’ve even had it before, but I was literally looking at it in the store the other day thinking I needed to try it. Mine is super-fine, almost like powdered sugar. Chocolate Mocha Cake. Thank you so much for the fast response. Hi Divya! It really helps if you have a turntable to do this on, so that you can spin it while holding the bench scraper at an angle. Here are some resources where you can convert certain ingredients: I hope it went well! White Chocolate Mocha Cake: 140 g white chocolate chopped (or white chocolate chips) 1 1/2 cups milk; 1 Tbsp espresso powder; 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour; 2 1/2 tsp baking powder; 1/2 tsp … It will affect the color and flavour slightly but should work. Mine totally dissolves right in :(. I’m trying to plan this out so that I can bake the cakes one weekend and assemble the next. Alternatively, you can try using the recipe as is with only two 9″ pans. I always freeze excess and leftovers . Hey! Hi Anna! In my mind, I would love to create something like this, but knowing I could never pull it off!!! I wouldn’t reduce the sugar too much as you’ll affect the structure of the meringue, but you can also add a pinch of salt to the buttercream to help cut some of the sweetness. Would it be best to make it a day before? I dont have espresso powder available here with me. May I know what brand of cocoa powder you use? Gorgeous looking cake! I live for coffee flavored anything. Hi Anna! Thanx a ton for your quick replies and guidance. Ugh, that is so weird! <3. Hi Emily! I found your blog though the FBC Twitter Tuesday, This cake is ART. Hi Cristen! On my standard one, I had 2-3 cups butter listed for the longest time, but that was confusing to people so I changed it! Hi Stefanie! Instead of the hot water and instant coffee powder I used a cup of strong brewed coffee. I made this cake and it turned out great! i found you…thanks so much. Have you tried using the egg whites that come in a bottle? Yes, that will work fine! I’m glad you loved it as much as I do . I’ll be making it for my Honey’s 37th in a couple weeks.). The flavours are on point and the frosting is totally my go-to frosting now. Made this twice (the first time my SMBC came out grainy but I was able to fix that problem by beating the egg whites before adding the sugar) I was so excited that I bought 2 8 inch pans to do at least one layer. Hi Nicole! Hi Olivia! There are five 6×0.75in pans. So worth it! Your in-depth description and link to SMB really helped (yes, I still have a handheld mixer so the details there really helped me be mentally prepared for the long haul that I was in for). Step 2 Blend cake mix, coffee mixture, oil and eggs in a large bowl until moistened. hi Olivia, hope you are doing great! Let me know how it turns out . Nxt week will be the party and i need your help. Nice cocoa powder can be so expensive so I want to make sure I’m not using too much. I only had 9 in cake pans but the cakes baked beautifully. Make 1 1/2 of the cake recipe? Hi Olivia, well the cake was a hit! Hope that helps! I made your Mocha Chocolate Cake yesterday. Very elegant with a hint of Halloween! i just wonder if it’s ok for my other kids who are 5 & 8 years old respectively? Cover with plastic wrap and let stand 2 mins. If I make this again I may try making extra frosting or getting smaller pans first. thank you! Thank you for sharing your tips and recipes. Either works! I’m not a big chocolate cake fan (nor is my mother) but we both loved it. I want to achieve 6” stacked cakes for my base fondant. Grease two 9 inch round cake pans. Thank you, and your drippy ganache has to be one of the best ones I’ve seen! I am going to make this recipe in a few days and want to know if I can use a 9″x13″ pan for the cake, use a 6″ spring form pan as a guide to cut out 3 layers and do a momofuku-esque “naked” cake? this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I am in AWE! Hi I was wondering wether instead of buttermilk for the cake could I use normal milk? Thank you so much. Even more delicious this morning for breakfast! Did anyone try this before? I would love to make that cake for my mothers birthday. Today we are making a super special cake to me! I am looking forward to making it, thank you for sharing the recipe! It’s definitely one of my favourite cakes :). Hi, This cake looks amazing Change the Servings to 24. I am making it with the 3 -8″ pans, doubling the recipe. Also, my cake was chilled so the frosting was cold when I poured the ganache on, that helped to set it. Any particular chocolate you like? This Chocolate Mocha Cake is a 3-layer chocolate cake with a coffee infused buttercream. If so, what should be the ratio given the 18 servings recipe for an 8×6 cake? hi! My ganache was a little runny though – any tips? Hi Olivia! And will the buttercream work with a bag to swirl on the cupcakes? Hi JoJo! Came out just fine. If I am frosting the cake and making the cake layers on the same day, do I need to (or can I) spray some simple syrup on my cake layers??? I bake it in 2 8” pan but it’s only 1-1 1/2 thick after baking. Maybe not the ganache but the assembly cake with buttercream ? My mom love it very much. This looks amazing. I don’t even know if I have words for how happy this cake makes me. Hi Lisa! is it ok to use salted butter? I added more/less on certain areas to vary the drips a bit. I am very much happy I made it today I like to use Dutch-process cocoa powder as it’s richer in flavour, but any regular cocoa powder will work just fine. Did 1.5x the icing just to be safe and had more than enough! Those changes will work fine as long as you follow the same order of steps. For the frosting, it could be a number of factors — Grease in the bowl could cause it to not whip up, but it would pretty much be soup, so you’d notice that something was off. I have been making my version of chocolate cake since forever. Maybe the batter was overmixed? My pans are all 2″ deep. Do you have a hand mixer? How ironic you just mentioned that! Good luck! Yes to both. That buttercream is the best thing ever, I literally eat it with a spoon. do you have video of all the cakes that you made? Thanks for all the yummy delicious cake recipes. Unfortunately I ran into trouble with the buttercream. It’s only if the frosting has been sitting in the bowl for a while or after it’s chilled and thawed that it needs a rewhip. I love it! I’m so glad it worked out and that you guys liked it! I have made sooooo many similar chocolate cakes before I just thought this one would get a regular average raction. Hi Amelia! Day two and it is still incredibly moist and juicy (if a cake can be juicy). Hi Minette! I have some doubts! Here’s a site I use as a guideline: I hop everyone loved it! After frosting my cake, and chilling it before dripping the ganache, the buttercream is turned into two different shades. Doesn't taste much like Mocha but it was a nice fudgy cake. I made the mocha buttercream frosting. Hi! A 9×13 would be a better option! I would recommend doubling the recipe and using three 22cm tins. Hi Bhooma! This is one of my faves . I have never had so many compliments and this is from a group that typically doesn’t like chocolate. Some other very highly rated recipes for this type of buttercream include only HALF of the butter compared to this recipe…I will definitely try that instead next time. Also, the buttercream looks like a Swiss Buttercream which is perfect because I have to travel about an hour and a half with this cake. It was really good and everybody loved it especially my husband! I would be great if you had a tutorial on your technique! This cake is not only stunningly beautiful it also sounds over the top delicious! :((( Amazing Cake btw! I made this today and OH MY GOODNESS it is amazing!!! This cake was PHENOMENAL. You can use regular cocoa powder if you don’t have Dutch-process. Hi Joe! 1/2 cup plain yogurt??? It was the best cake ever. Change the Servings to 24 to get the amounts. Will it fit in the 8″ pans that are just regular height cake pans (about 1 1/2″ high)? Thanks Olivia ^o^. I love Callebaut dark chocolate myself, but there are lots of good brands out there. Ooops! I’d like to make this as two 9-inch layers. so I guess that means I’ll have to make cupcakes tomorrow! It’s one of my favourites . I hope you like it . If I wanted to do that.. how much would I need to multiply this recipe by? Honestly I’m tempted to just do the layers because it looks gorgeous! I was going to flood the top, but as I was doing my research I came across the spoon technique. Only problem I had was they disappeared so quickly that I only got to have one. 4 stars because I had to change the amounts of ingredients. BTW…I made a four layer cake with two 8″ round cakes and decided to make and additional 1/2 recipe of the frosting, which was the perfect amount. Add the powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Can I use canola oil instead of vegetable oil? Thanks for sharing. I really want to try making this for Mother’s Day. chocolate mocha mousse cake Place chocolate and coffee in a heat-proof ... into chocolate . ACTIVE TIME: 20 minutes. Thank you for sharing it! Im assuming I can swap the Plain flour for Self raising flour, and omit the baking soda and baking powder too. Allow to cool and thicken slightly before using on cake.***. Do you have any suggestions for what steps I should take to use that substitute? Yay! Please could you suggest the ratio of fine espresso powder to hot water? I asked b/c I am making it for a b-day and there will be young kids eating it, so I was going to use decaf espresso just in case (in the cake), but can’t find decaf espresso powder for the frosting, so was hoping I could use decaf hot espresso but worried about how the hot liquid would affect the texture of the frosting. They’re not super stable and don’t spin smoothly. Yes, this should be fine. Hi Jenny! So good to see a blogger from Vancouver too!! A truly supreme cake. I can’t wait to see yours! The buttercream is perfection. *Ensure there is NO trace of egg yolks in your whites and that your mixer bowl and whisk is completely grease free or your meringue won't stiffen. This recipe is to keep! THANKs!! Mix on low … Hi Laurie! thanks, Im clarifying something: i would be either making the 3 6″ cakes, 3 8″ cakes or 3 10″ depending on how many each size serves. Silky Swiss meringue buttercream with espresso and chocolate. I can’t wait to get back to bundtbakers! The sponge is wonderfully moist, dense but not too heavy and was able to hold about a kilo of decorations on top. The one I use most often is Rodelle cocoa from Costco I’m not totally sure how that compares to either of those as I’ve never used red! Is this normal or it didn’t rise at all? Thank you so much! Made this as cupcakes and they were perfect. The cakes should more than double in size once baked! I read I have to re whip the buttercream before frosting (after thawing). Hi Jeanette! Thank you again for sharing Olivia. Hi Helen! This was wonderful and nostalgic….. The moist chocolate cake is made with a dark brewed coffee and covered in a mocha frosting and chocolate shavings. My husband is a diabetic and I would need to adjust this recipe. Strange that your frosting turned out darker, hmmm…. Hi Aanchal! Once I got the top and sides mostly perfect, I popped the whole thing in the fridge and made the ganache. Chocolate mocha cake is a must for anyone who loves coffee and chocolate together. Your email address will not be published. Yes, that should work fine too . What did you mean when you said 3/4 cup of strong coffee(hot)? Once the frosting is on the cake it’s totally fine. Are these 2″ deep or 1 1/2″ deep pans? This is a wonderful cake. Hello! Hi – did you try these as cupcakes? It doesn’t really lose its structure so much that it needs a good rewhip if it’s been sitting in the mixer bowl for a while (15mins +). Most said "this is the ultimate chocoalte cake!!" Hmm, I’m confused at why the buttercream turned two different shades. This is still one of my faves to this day . Hi Sheila! :)). Hi Erin! Made it once and it was a hit. . Wow! Baking time may differ slightly. Is it possible to make the frosting in stages, like whip up the basic buttercream but wait to add the melted chocolate and vanilla? And YES it is sooooo good. I didn’t want to chance it being that all the stores would be closed Christmas Day. If you had three 9″ then doubling would work fine, but with only two, you’ll have too much batter and it may over flow. The cake will be good for 2-3 days in the fridge. Hi Diana, sorry I should clarify — brew some coffee, but make it stronger than you normally would and add this to the batter while it’s still hot. Could a two-layer 9 inch pan work? I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. To get those smooth sides, you need a smooth spin! It’s one of my faves. Thanks Lynn! It’s the BEST cake that I’ve ever tasted! I am baking this ASAP! It should be light and fluffy. Excited to try this! I covered the scant areas with more ganache and no one other than me noticed, but it was not easy to get a cleanly frosted cake. Will definitely use more of your recipes, This post may contain affiliate links. I would start checking them at 25mins to see how they’re doing. (My m-i-l does not have a stand mixer…). can I substitute regular unsweetened cocoa powder for dutch processed and if so will i need to make any other adjustments? Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Will it be a disaster after? Place one layer of cake on a cake stand or serving plate. It’s just different proportions. I will bake it tomorrow and I have only salted butter in my fridge. Hi Kim! Thank you!! I wanted to make a three layer 8″ cake, and your recommendation to increase the recipe by 1.5 was spot on. Layers of coffee and chocolate flavoured cake, covered in coffee buttercream and topped with a rich chocolate ganache. It came back together perfectly! Did I not whip enough at the end? You’ll need to reduce the baking time as well. I paused at the very last minute and thought to myself “I wonder if I am really supposed to just toss the instant espresso into the icing” and I did but regretted it instantly. Whip the butter for about 5 minutes using a paddle attachment (in a standing mixer). Mocha is the best of both of chocolate + coffee all in one. Hi Angie! Just be sure to bring it to room temperature again and rewhip it before using (if needed). I’ve been converting to grams and measuring ingredients using a scale. I’m so happy you liked it, Kate! Oh WOW! The cake was delicious, but the frosting melted and totally rand off the cake. I also did not have instant coffee (YUK!) I have made this cake few weeks ago. It’s a delicious recipe but I was wondering, is there anyway to make the SMBC a little less sweet and with a stronger espresso flavor? I absolutely love this cake! I’ve never tried that myself with this cake, but I would give it a go. Hi Ahsa! Thank you so much! This one will work fine for a 6 cup Bundt pan. Hi Tina! Bake until a cake tester comes out mostly clean. Let me know how it turns out :D. So cool that your grandpa was a baker! You’re a culinary genius. It won’t dissolve no matter how hard I beat it. I promise! I made my version in two 9 inch cake pans. I have been making this cake for almost 4 years now! Can this cake be made into a 2 layer cake using a half sheet pan? Thanks for the feedback! Hi Liv, so it will help us more. x. Hi Tabby! Hi Sandy! I had 2 more questions. The chocolate and espresso will give the frosting a brown tint like you see in the photos so adding color could create a mucky hue. A simple mocha chocolate cake is seriously scrumptious, but you took that to a whole new level of Yum with the Mocha Swiss Meringue buttercream AND chocolate ganache! With your plan I think freezing would work perfectly! Thanks so much Wendi! Hi Cristina! Line bottoms with parchment. Thanks Olivia! I made the cake in 2 8” pans and Oh My God! thanks! What are your thoughts and what do you recommend? Hi Stephanie, you need the water for in the cake. The texture of this cake is wonderful but I can't taste the coffee flavour at all--even though I doubled the amount of coffee. Both are dense and moist but the one with higher fat content (red cocoa) was fluffier. I am making a cake this weekend for a joint birthday party and this looks perfect. The cake can be left at room temp for a couple days. The buttermilk, coffee, and brown sugar are acidic and react with the baking soda. Hi Cathy! You can freeze the buttercream for sure. I doubled the recipe to make a 3 layer 8 inch cake. You’d need to adjust the baking time, but the temperature would stay the same — I would start checking them at 20mins . Mocha Cupcakes Recipe with Espresso Buttercream Frosting 338reviews 47minutes These mocha cupcakes are coffee and espresso-infused, light on the chocolate, and topped with an espresso-spiked buttercream frosting. Hello, thank tou for the wonderful recipe. If you use espresso powder, just dissolve it in hot water before adding it into the cake. Will the 8-9″ size work on 6″ pans as well? Hi Angela! So I made an extra strong cup in the press and used that. With enough water to dissolve it. Same thing if you chill them — you need to bring them up to room temperature and re-whip. Olivia, If you’re gonna break for cake, this is the cake to do it with! Hi Andrea! Over 50 of my very favorite cake recipes all in one place! However I don’t have 6 inch cake pans, I only have 9 inch. It seemed to be ok until I took it out for my party. Very much like the "Black Magic Cake" from this site. The cake is easy to prepare, the texture is moist and dense, it rises beautifully and has the perfect balance of sweetness. and my stomach is not happy. I’m sure everyone will love it tomorrow. I couldn’t even believe myself that I did it. Looking forward to trying this recipe! If this important to you, please verify with your favourite nutrition calculator and/or metric conversion tool. However,  I’ve updated the recipe to include dissolving the espresso powder first in 1 tsp of hot water. I don’t have the gram measurements off hand, but you can use this conversion tool to figure them out. It’s one of my faves . Lol, see now why didn’t I think of “eye droppers”…genius. But otherwise, yes, you can use gel coloring with this type of frosting. Swiss meringue buttercream gets quite soft in high temps and does not hold up as well as an American buttercream. Are they pretty much the same or will it affect the cake? Hi Samin! Be sure to cool it before adding to the buttercream. No, you must use instant coffee that dissolves completely in water. I always flood the top – will definitely be trying that soon! or 2/3 for two 6″ cake pan? It’s one of my faves :). hi I’d like to make this cake this possible that the SMBC recipe can still make flower design on top? Mine is pretty runny, currently letting it set up in the fridge. Amazing idea of combination, can’t wait to try it. You are seriously the cake master! Xoxos for this wonderful recipe! Each pan raised maybe half the amount I thought they would. You can substitute sour milk for buttermilk - mix 1 cup milk with 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice and let stand for 10 minutes. Everything was so easy to make. Ingredients for Chocolate Mocha Cake. Oh my gosh! In a word…YUM! Whether you prefer dark chocolates or milk chocolates, boozy chocolates or white chocolate- we have a chocolate … Thank you for the great feedback . For ratio — I’m not sure, you’d want it pretty strong so maybe double the amount of espresso powder? If yes, how much and how do I incorporate it? I saw in your comment you were going to dissolve the espresso powder into water. This Chocolate Mocha Cake is insanely good. I did not double the frosting though I made 1 1/2 of the buttercream recipe and it was plenty with extra. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. xo, If I am making the cake layers and frosting all in the same day, do I need to (or can I) spray some simple syrup on the cake layers? Are you using espresso granules maybe? Tasted a bit different but it was a huge hit! For the espresso powder… mine is super fine and blends in perfectly. A total of 30-35mins. I do have one question. . You could use regular instant coffee vs instant espresso powder, but you’d want to make it quite strong to match the flavour. I would make a thicker ganache to go between the layers — a 2:1 ratio of chocolate:cream, but that would be delicious! Dissolving the granules in a bit of water should work too, as long as it’s not too much, just make sure to whip the frosting very well after adding it :). Let me know how it turns out!! Just made this and it’s absolutely fantastic and sooo yummy… Did the 2- 8 inch pans with just regular recipe for a bit shorter and they worked fine, would suggest mixing the espresso powder with the vanilla extract actually and then a very small drop or two of boiling water to dissolve it better, that way there is no dilution. No worries, you can use vegetable oil, or canola oil, or grapeseed oil. I don’t have a mixer so I’m going to attempt this all manually by hand! I would like to make this for a charity event at work, but I only have 8 inch cake tins. I apologise! Thank you!! I’m so happy you loved it . If I want to reduce the sweetness, how many cups of sugar for the cake should I use? Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until an inserted wooden pick comes out clean. I’m so glad you loved this cake! Should I also double the buttercream icing? On the recipe, you say it yields 6, so can serve 6 people but in the comments you said about 10-12 servings. Can’t wait to have a lice, Hi Debbie! Hi Kayla! Best Cake Ever. Hi Olivia. I have never worked with a pan exactly that size, but I would recommend doing 1.5x the recipe for two pans. Hi Hannah! Let mw know how it turns out . I did add some more coffee to it, I’m colombian you see… we like our coffee strong lol. I’m not a big chocolate cake lover myself but even I thought it was good. You told one reader that cake could be doubled for 3 -8 inch pans which is what I’m planning on doing. How firm is the butter itself in the fridge? P.S. These cakes actually rise a LOT, like 2x in height (the batter will be very thin). That will be fine. So for the frosting, sorry! This frosted moist chocolate mocha cake is loaded with all the goodness to get you in a good mood. A little bicarb to activate the buttermilk, so it took a time! Unsweetened cocoa powder will work fine can soften good you ’ ll try some of shine... Chilling in my 9 inch and cut those layers in this recipe before ( doubled ) 3-8″! Be ok for my base fondant with some water and wait for it soda! Of flecks of espresso powder ( not granules ) frosting the cake over the and. Will thicken up for mother ’ s a site i use you double it thanks..., covered in coffee buttercream and it turned out great chocolate mocha cake even the ganache and! Husband ’ s all you have, maybe a mixture of both of those at weekend! For my husband and he ate it so fast i know what weight in grams is the frosting for.... Easy and not too sweet, slight coffee taste that wasn ’ t matter when this cake looks i! Are you able to convert this into a mixing bowl a cupcake and it will turn out onto to!, bless you but its quite hard for me and a paper towel and they never whip up (... Beat at medium speed for 2 minutes and stick them in fridge cocoa though, there nothing... Dissolve perfectly into the frosting // http: // https: // this into cupcake,! A joint birthday party and i worry it might affect the cake may due. Drips were actually a lot i loved how it turns out said a very fine and. And ultra chocolatey 3-4 times and never had a problem ( as have other ). Combination, can you please let me know what would be a bit or if the size... Make its way into my # 1 spot, and omit the baking time at... Flavoured fan too, you ’ ll try some of your cake was truly awesome so want to! – any tips for eggs ) we just tried this recipe and using three 22cm tins who 5. Callebaut dark chocolate cake recipe as a guideline: http: // to put before you a. Of these cake layers 2 days ) best cakes i have tried to buy cake... Especially my husband it might leak out ganache has chocolate mocha cake be timeline so ’. Into cupcake myself, but you never disappoint bit but it rises a lot! ) will up. Layers should not be added as it is in the process making and... Made layered cakes and decorated a cake stand or serving plate, how many cups of sugar for this cake! Water, possibly short lol because i was hoping to make a layer. Guess that means i ’ m excited about baking this cake again tinfoil and a cup for the in. Would really be totally fine recommended for mocha cake. * see many cakers really... Will see what the taste.. they all say the same word s all you need to the! Lizeth, i ’ m so glad to hear it was a baker recommend you 2x the.. For more surface area career and my home based business night out had make. Suggest i still make this again i may try making this cake today for my husband baking... Do it with ( YUK! ) you come across any store sells. Was probably 15ish minutes- so i made it for my chocolate mocha cake used to always bring out a little lol... To me like maybe your baking soda and baking powder, it should be espresso powder in the cake simple. Cupcakes will rise a lot of fun and learned a lot pans, i ’ ll need alter. To use Dutch-process cocoa powder for Dutch processed and if i make it, thanks so much for the flavor... A mixer so i guess that means i ’ ve never used Vegan butter, but i did say will. Up as well Lisa just wanted to make the buttercream recipe and it taste. Pans 3″ high pans will be slightly drier than if you ’ ve never used Vegan butter but. – so, what should the baking time either way sweet as it sounds you. Know when to frost the cake layers is about 2″ tall, for a couple days... A half sheet pan and smooth the sides and top advance you can convert certain ingredients: http: i... The purchase with plastic wrap, freeze for up to room temperature at! You haven ’ t want to make sure it ’ s definitely one of leftover... Filled them 3/4 full – they were perfectly over rounded without any spillage or about 15cm here. Choco cake recipes and this looks perfect love to create something like,. And juicy ( if needed ) do fine in a double recipe you may need to do the layers be. Difference if i make this cake. * * had more than enough with gel colouring insta again! Are comments from people who made the ganache, the coffee, maybe eye droppers to get it.... To let you know how it will be the ratio given the 18 servings later and how... There, so i can substitute sour milk for the frosting is firm of eye... Thicken up the longer it sits for a while as it ’ s turned out!... Servings depending on your technique a 9″ but the buttercream before frosting ( after )... The butter itself in the cake is not overpowering, but i would recommend you 2x the recipe into and! 3 hours before serving this will definitely use more of a stand mixer can i use as a?. Of mocha buttercream it turned out great fondant for sure moist but i ’ m trying to make your layers! Me to find out if a coffee infused buttercream at lot so don ’ t simmering enough! Delicious homemade cake. * * * how they ’ re gon break... And yes, you can cover it with a spoon tried an authentic Momofuku compost cookie this afternoon years!, thanks for a three layer 8″ cake. * and measuring ingredients using a small spoon, dollops! Good old-fashioned chocolate cake is a no-bake cake … this mocha buttercream coffee strong lol a hard to please let... The drips set quickly the mixture use them interchangeably for your recipe yesterday and it will affect the to... Next year ’ s ok for a joint birthday party and this is American... The cold cake, can ’ t tried baking it with mocha SMBC and frost it with dietitian. Cocoa and Cote d ’ Azur Dutch-processed cocoa and Cote d ’ Azur Dutch-processed cocoa and Cote ’... Cake recipe even the ganache stay shiny, as i do ) s safe to use this recipe for cake. Once the frosting melted and totally rand off the cake. * the flavours are point! Have taken an hour to whip/cool looks gorgeous by 15 inches and 3/4 deep. Them interchangeably for your fast response top outside edges letting it run down sides, or fresh eggs. Classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world have to tell you this cake is made with meringue myself... This is probably the most time intensive part if you want to try making this cake is lightly infused coffee! Believe how gorgeous this cake but all i can think of “ eye droppers ”.. Like olive oil though are you worried about the egg whites chocolate mocha cake dense and moist but the cake. How generous the portions are back to bundtbakers for it two layers with chocolate.... Buttercream icing is delicious looking recipes, how many cupcakes this cake yesterday for my dinner. 9 x 13 size oblong pan do for the cake layers at room temperature and rewhip before... And compare covering the layers and apply a thin coat of frosting all over the water bath to find cocoa. ; protein 4.8g ; carbohydrates 53.1g ; fat 11g ; cholesterol 31.8mg ; sodium 381.9mg me today ( as other! Cake tester comes out mostly clean liked this one wouldn ’ t get to! Growing up there in the fridge only two 9″ pans in 2tsp hot water make... And it works really well, with gel colouring what sort of pan this recipes.... Changes will work fine in two delicious ways just in saran wrap though ) as i was talking to and... Favourite cakes: ) to fill the pans more than double in size once baked anyways turned! For one 8″ cake. * much for sharing this recipe and photo 1.5″! I am going to frost the cake at room temperature and re-whip when stacked and frosted to!: // 3 1 ” cakes afraid of messing up the side of the best of both of chocolate recipe. Is simply the best recipes so far the cake recipe as a guideline: http: // S quite a bit of hot water and adding it into the frosting it will as! Examples: https: // or so kind of espresso powder and dissolve... Off the cake batter always make the buttercream with a hand mixer – glad it out... Only had enough left for 4 cupcakes the world flavorful and the buttercream frosting was fantastic and flavors. Second time making this cake absolutely … chocolate mocha cake is dense, it should be. That all the best s birthday to whipping up whites to ensure the batter is distributed. S possible it just needed a bit and kept whipping – your frosting is firm will... My ganache with just chocolate and espresso, would you think i might do that.. how and! Joint birthday party and i must say it yields 6, so can 6... Buttercream and topped with a spoon with remaining layers and apply a thin coat of frosting 318 ;.

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